Into the Sunset

As a parting gift to readers, you can now download the Free full-color Tree Magic: Nature's Antennas anthology. It was originally published on a CD for Adobe Reader for $18.95.

"The universe is a Presence through which all things, seen and unseen, unfold and pass. Everything is constantly changing and forever fresh. We must honor, protect and celebrate this unity and diversity instead of fearing, conquering and destroying it. We and all things, living and non living, named and unnamed, are the musical star dust of a universal song. Like the notes of a great symphony, we are all part of one harmonic whole. We can join together with all things in the celebration of this universal dance of life."
—Jackie Lee Hofer, ONE HARMONIC WHOLE: The Song of the Universe.

"We may be part of an infinite and eternal multiverse within which new domains 'sprout' into universes whose horizons never overlap..." —Martin Rees, OUR COSMIC HABITAT.

"Keep looking up." —Neil deGrasse Tyson, 2014 Host of COSMOS.